General conference information

Below is information that you will find helpful in planning your attendance at this upcoming conference. If you have any questions, please contact the SECA President or any SECA Board Member.

Payment Notes

There are three ways you can pay the SECA registration fee:

  1. Cash

    If you are paying by cash, you can bring your payment to the Conference and pay upon arrival.

  2. Check

    If you are paying by check, please make them payable to SECA.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT make checks payable to Siemens.

    While you can bring your check to the conference, we encourage you to send in your payments early to:

    Lenin Maran
    6001 S Street, Mail Stop D109
    Sacramento, CA 95852-0830

  3. Credit card

    SECA accepts credit card payment for the conference via Stripe. However, we request that you ONLY use this option when paying before the conference begins. If you do choose to pay with a credit card, you will be guided through the Stripe process when you register for the conference online.

Agenda Notes

General Session Presentations

Presentation abstracts, outlining the topics to be presented in the General Sessions, are available on the SECA website. This will allow your company to review the content and schedule the appropriate staff members to attend the SECA conference.

Working Groups

The schedule for Working Groups can be found on the SECA conference Agenda, as well as a listing of the Working Group Chairs and the Siemens Interfaces.

Site Updates

In preparation for the Site Updates presentations, please prepare a short summary (10 minutes) to be presented during the site update sessions. If your company has attended at SECA conference in the recent past, these short summaries should focus on recent challenges and successes.

If your company is attending SECA for the first time, feel free to take a little more time to introduce yourself, your company, and information that you would like to share about your system.


Elections for Board of Directors positions will be held at the annual meeting. If you are interested in running for a position or have additional questions, please feel free to contact any of the current board members.

Prior to SECA

  • Download the Site Update template from the SECA website. The template contains recommende sections of information to include.
  • Review the site update you submitted at the last SECA, if applicable.
  • Submit a digital copy of your newly formatted Site Update to Verna Adamek at two weeks prior to the SECA conference.
  • Site updates that have been received by the due date will will be made available on the Siemens portal during the conference.

Miscellaneous Information


Attire for the conference is business casual

Meals and Special Events

Your spouse is invited to attend all of the events including the sponsored meals.

SECA will sponsor a continental breakfast Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

SECA will sponsor a lunch Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

SECA will host an evening welcome reception on Monday evening.

Conference Sponsor

The Board of Directors is looking for customers that would like to sponsor future SECA conferences. If your company is interested, or has questions concerning the responsibilities of a sponsor, please contact any of the current board members.